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Ideas for Your Next Camping Trip

camping tips

Ideas for Your Next Camping Trip

We talked with some people about some ideas and “hacks” they had to make camping even more enjoyable than it already is. Here are some of our favorites!


  1. Do you have a stuck zipper?  Rub a candle on the zipper to apply wax to the teeth and the zipper will move freely. (Make sure the candle is extinguished first or a stuck zipper will be the least of your worries!)
  2. If you are tired of having cold feet when you go to bed, try this little trick: fill a thermos or metal water bottle with hot water and put it in the bottom of your sleeping bag.
  3. Have you fallen victim to the birthday candles you can’t blow out? Did you know that they make great waterproof firestarters? Throw a box in your kit and use your Poke N’ Stoke to get your fire started.
  4. It seems like no matter how hard you try, your socks get wet. Keep a pair in your sleeping bag that you only wear when you go to bed. Your feet will thank you for a warm dry spot to be while you sleep.
  5. Speaking of wet socks, your shoes or boots may get wet, too. If possible, remove the insoles and stuff your shoes with dry clothes, newspaper, or something else that is dry and stuffable. Let them dry overnight and the next day, you should be good to go!
  6. If you are like us, we used to just chuck those silica gel packs that come with new shoes and other items. That was until we heard about using them to protect our cookware. Store the gel packs with your pots and pans to keep them rust-free. No one likes rusty burgers or eggs!
  7. Pack a snack ahead of time. You’ll be glad you planned ahead when you get done tearing down your campsite and loading up your vehicle to find a nice snack waiting for you. Use a small lunch cooler and pack a drink, some fruit, and your favorite snack item.
  8. Make sure you have a Poke N’ Stoke electronic bellows to get your campfire started easily and keep it that way.

We hope your next camping trip is fun and relaxing. Drop us a line HERE if you have any other tips or have found another use for your Poke N’ Stoke, we look forward to hearing from you!